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Koe Wetzel
Cabo, So Low, Better Without You 

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Holly Beth is the product of an un-plugged childhood coupled with an extreme drive to hone a craft. Growing up outside of Oklahoma City, she found her passion for music before she could even drive to her own shows. Her childhood was happy, even easy. 


Life’s struggles seemed to come for Holly in her early 20s, a time when she felt she had to sacrifice her happiness in toxic situations to earn credibility as a writer and artist. She continued to swim toward that darkness to reach depth and honesty. Songs like “trevi” and “break me down” are products of what it was like to live through that, before arriving at her newfound freedom… where she’s learned the hard way she can create art exactly as she is.


twentyfive is the first project that she wrote for herself, an attempt to find her way out of bedlam. On first listen, you notice a contemporary, post-healing lean, but what hits home is the realization that she’s singing about more than loss. She’s talking about life, lived through real heartbreak, in every facet of life. twentyfive is a cold night out with neons buzzing in the background.


Holly uses an energetic and introspective live show to create an environment where everyone can feel the lessons learned and emerge brave and playful and strong.

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